There are two types of our Thai massage. Each style has a different massage technique. It is a full body massage. The benefits of Thai massage for better blood circulation Reduce body aches Helps stretch and reduce tension in the ligaments. Help reduce muscle stiffness

– Traditional Thai massage It is a massage on the floor with a mat for a specific Thai massage. It’s a dry massage, free from the use of massage oils. This massage is quite firm. Use stretching techniques along the body, use knees, feet massage techniques. It is a deep massage to the inner muscles. This type of massage is not suitable for the elderly. Or people with knee problems

60 min £60

– Thai Oil massage  It is a Thai massage that combines massage with oil on a massage bed, It feels more relaxation than traditional Thai massage. But still massage the deep layers of the muscles. And still using the technique of traditional Thai massage.

60 min £55