Take care of your facial skin for healthy and glowing skin with high quality natural skin care products with facial massage techniques that help relax the muscles in the face. Helps to lift the face. Removes dead skin cells and deeply nourishes the skin. For our facial treatment, there are two types

1. Facial Treatment: There will be a deep cleansing step. Removes skin cells on the face, including extraction. Mask the skin and nourish it with intense moisturizer. This treatment includes massage on the face, chest, arms and head.  £55 for 60 min

2. Facial Massage is a treatment that mainly focuses on facial massage and reflexology on the face. To increase the circulatory system, reduce aches and pains in the face, reduce facial numbness and also facial lifting. The treatment step will be facial cleansing and massage with natural facial oil. £55 for 60 min