Thai Holistic
Massage Therapy

Thai Holistic International LTD.

Massage clinic provided by qualified, authentic Thai specialist massage practitioner with more than 10 years of work experience in the UK, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Thai Relax & Thai Traditional

Swedish massage , Deep Tissue massage, Sport Massage, Facial Treatment, Foot Massage, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Ayurveda , Cancer/ Oncology Massage. Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial & Trigger point release.

Pattamon Celio Cega (Dao)

Director/ Specialist Massage Therapist

I am a massage practitioner and massage instructor from Thailand, boasting professional qualifications recognized in the UK, including VTCT, FHT, IPHM, and The Guild, among others. Over the span of my career, I have dedicated myself to refining my craft, integrating personal techniques to deliver unparalleled massage experiences for my clients.

“My mission is to impart my expertise in massage therapy, ensuring that each customer receives tailored treatments aligned with their unique needs and preferences. Together with my proficient team, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to extend our hospitality to you.”

Our esteemed massage clinic awaits your visit located in the heart of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Should you seek to alleviate bodily tensions and enhance your overall well-being, we warmly encourage you to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.